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Sapfo, with her oversized ears and wide, reflective eyes, appears as a character conceived from innocence and whimsy. However, the chaos that surrounds her—a maelstrom of colors, shapes, and abstract forms—suggests a deeper, more tumultuous inner world. The use of vibrant colors and an almost dizzying array of patterns creates a feeling of sensory overload, reflecting the information bombardment and emotional intensity of modern life. This visual cacophony could symbolize the constant stream of media, the endless cycle of news that ranges from the mundane to the tragic, which individuals are forced to navigate daily. The melting and blending of forms and colors in the background evoke a sense of disintegration, possibly hinting at the fragility of the psyche when overwhelmed. Sigitova’s Sapfo embodies the contemporary struggle to maintain innocence and beauty in a world that is often marked by chaos and confusion. Through this character, the artist may be commenting on the search for identity and meaning within a society that is saturated with conflicting messages about who and what we should be. The interplay between the character’s childlike simplicity and the complex, layered backdrop invites the viewer to consider the ways in which external pressures shape our internal landscapes.

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Dimensions:115 × 119 cm

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Irina Sigitova, in her artistic journey, exemplifies this search for innovation and self-exploration. By transitioning from the realistic portrayal of characters to the creation of a series that embraces new styles and forms, Sigitova is not just painting; she is venturing into uncharted territories of her creativity and the vast expanse of her soul. With each brushstroke in this new series, Sigitova delves into the unknown, channeling the mysteries of her inner world onto the canvas. This is not a mere change of aesthetic; it is a profound exploration of new worlds within her. Through abstract forms and a bold departure from her previous style, she seeks to unlock the enigmas of the psyche and to give voice to the silent whispers of her spirit. In this artistic metamorphosis, Sigitova might be endeavoring to reconcile the seen with the unseen, the known with the enigmatic. It’s a dance between the conscious and the subconscious, where each color and shape is a word in the silent language of her soul’s stories. By embracing new styles and forms, Sigitova is not abandoning her past but building bridges to new vistas of artistic expression, where the discovery of each new style is a homecoming to a place within her that was always waiting to be revealed.

Socrat and Sapfo are profound visual explorations of the concept of “kawaii” that delve into the complexities of innocence juxtaposed with darkness. Both pieces present characters with oversized, childlike features that typically evoke innocence and charm, but are set against backgrounds suggesting deeper, more unsettling narratives.”Socrat” is a visual commentary on post-war Japanese culture, embodying the tension between a forced smile and internal turmoil. The character is set amid a vibrant yet disturbing flora, with colors dripping from its eyes, potentially representing tears of historical trauma.”Sapfo,” on the other hand, is depicted with mouse-like ears and a helmet adorned with cheerful motifs, symbolizing a shield against the overwhelming chaos of modern life.

Her expression is vacant yet deep, reflecting the overstimulation and fragility of the modern psyche. Both artworks utilize a mix of mediums to create a textured, chaotic backdrop that contrasts with the seemingly simple and cute characters. This contrast speaks to the artists’ thematic interest in the duality of external appearances versus internal experiences, particularly in the context of societal pressures and historical traumas. Sigitova’s characters are thus not merely representations of “kawaii” but are instead complex embodiments of the struggle to reconcile beauty and innocence with the darker aspects of reality.

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Dimensions115 × 119 cm


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