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Saw with teeth of the Kremlin walls. Despite their old age, these teeth can roughly bite through a lot of destinies, scattering splinters into the consumption.

• About artist: Vladimir Tsesler

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Stalinism researcher: Putin’s regime is based on stories about the greatness of Russia

Researcher Stephen Kotkin, in an interview with The New Yorker on March 11, spoke about how the war in Ukraine looks like in the context of world history. Stephen Kotkin is an American Russian historian, one of whose main academic interests is Stalinism. He is the author of a three-volume biography of Stalin (only two volumes have been published so far), as well as the books “Prevented Armageddon. The Collapse of the Soviet Union, 1970-2000” and “Non-civil Society”. Medusa briefly recounts his interview about whether sanctions will help stop the war, what the Putin regime is based on and on whom the restoration of peace will depend.

Russia is a country with a surprisingly rich culture, but at the same time with a strong complex of its own exclusivity. At the same time, her ambitions almost always did not coincide with her real capabilities.
Putin’s despotism methodically destroyed the mechanisms of feedback containment. Does Putin himself believe in his own propaganda? Perhaps. At least he definitely believes that Ukrainians are not a real nation, but a descendant of Russians. And the fact that the Russian armed forces are so good that they are able to carry out a forceful state turn in a few days.

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