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Portrait of a man with red beard and neon crown in his prime with a bare torso. All body with tattoos. The eyebrow emphasizes an interested look.


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Fear of the Future: How to Deal With Uncertainty

Do you know that nagging feeling of uncertainty that comes with change and an uncertain future? You are not alone in this. Many people in different life situations suffer from fear of the future. Here you will find important information on the topic and tips on how you can tackle and overcome your fear of the future.

What is fear of the future?

Fears of the future are widespread and affect countless people in different life situations. All of them are afraid of what is to come.

What are fears of the future actually? According to the Duden dictionary, the term is simply described as “being afraid of the future”. However, the phenomenon is more complex. It includes all the things that may or may not come our way. Fears of the future are usually associated with existential fears and the plaguing uncertainty about one’s own path in life. It doesn’t matter if it’s about the near or distant future.

In brief, it is the fear of change, of uncertainty, of the impact of our decisions, and of the “worst-case scenario”. Fears of the future can have various causes.

Causes of fear of the future: why am I afraid of uncertainty?

The causes of anxiety about the future are many and varied. In many cases, there is a concrete reason such as a job loss, the change in the economy due to the Corona crisis, or the beginning of a new phase in life. However, there doesn’t have to be a concrete trigger to feel anxious about the future. A negative attitude or fantasies about negative future scenarios are enough.

For example, one of the main causes of fear of the future can be low self-confidence. It leads to imagining certain scenarios and uncertainties in the future in black and thus looking forward to it in a negative way.

In addition, personal experiences can cause fears about the future or reinforce them. If you often witness negative future scenarios, you conclude that they may occur for you. Fear of the future is therefore a natural reaction.

Fears about the future emerge most frequently during important transitional phases in life: before or after graduation, or when one’s job is at risk. When the future is in limbo and there is no concrete plan, fear of the future is a common consequence.

The most common causes of fear of the future include:

  • New stages in life (e.g. after graduation or university)
  • Emerging problems (usually financial or health-related)
  • Economic events and crises
  • Separations and relationship problems
  • Pressure of expectations
Symptoms of fear of the future

People who are troubled by fear of the future suffer from the following common symptoms of anxiety:

  • Fear and panic when looking into the future
  • Feelings of powerlessness or helplessness
  • Feeling sick when thinking about the future
  • Constantly expecting the worst
  • Sleep problems
  • Hours of brooding and imagining negative situations
  • Constant tension and the feeling of not being able to relax
  • The present is overshadowed by fear of the future
  • Compulsive avoidance of conversations about the future
  • Physical symptoms (headaches, racing heart, loss of appetite, panic attacks)

These symptoms can increase and permanently damage sufferers. This is especially true when they affect present and everyday life.

Who suffers from fear of the future?

Anyone can be affected by fear of the future, no matter what stage of life they are in. It cannot be generalized who exactly suffers from fear of the future. Especially at the present time, Corona increases uncertainty and fear of the future. This goes through different generations and social classes. So it is perfectly normal to feel fear of the future.

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