[Stillness of heart] – Vartan Ghazarian


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An image that causes the heart to flutter, its allure is unquestionable. As we gaze on this beautiful form, we discover femininity and sensuality at its best. The grace of the female body floating through the air can symbolize liberation and transcendence, while swathed in mystery and ephemeral beauty. The color blue is often used to convey calmness, serenity, and is represents a connection to the ethereal realm we all aspire to reach. An exquisite work that appeals to all the senses.

about artist: Vartan Ghazarian


Dimensions:150 × 120 × 3 cm

1 in stock

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You might not remember them, but every night each of us have three to five dreams. Sometimes our dreams are straightforward — vacations in the sunshine, that longed-for lottery win, a lost loved one returning — but others leave us puzzled. The experts don’t know exactly why we dream, but the general consensus is that dreams help our brains process information from day-to-day life and problem solve things that are bothering us.

“Dreams are a subconscious way of solving problems,” says Gordon Smith, a medium, author, and spiritual teacher. You might go to bed thinking about something, for example: “My day to day life is boring,” and then while you dream, your brain is trying to find a solution. These answers will often come as symbols, so you might not understand them immediately.


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Dimensions150 × 120 × 3 cm


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