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Beauty might only be skin deep, but when it’s portrayed so well on canvas, it becomes permanently ingrained in our psyche. For the artist, a beautiful woman is also a superhero who comes to save one from a life without love. She is the epitome of strength and compassion, able to rescue us from the demons of our mind with her fair features and edgy aesthetic. Who wouldn’t want a supergirl such as this one in their lives?

about artist: Vartan Ghazarian


Dimensions:50 × 40 × 3 cm

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The “Universal S“, also known as “Stüssy S“, “Super S“, “Cool S“, “Pointy S“, “Graffiti S“, and many other names, is a graffiti signature of popular culture that is typically doodled on children’s notebooks or graffiti’d on walls. The mysterious “S” has appeared throughout all of North America, South America, Europe, Russia, Asia, and Australia. Some people think it’s a 90’s thing, but there are vast amounts of documented reports of seeing this mysterious S symbol many many years before the 90’s as you will find out below:

The mysterious S consists of 14 line segments, forming a stylized, pointed S-shape. It has also been compared to the infinity symbol. The “tails” (pointy ends) of the S appear to link underneath so that it loops around on itself in the same way as the infinity symbol does. The “S” has no reflection symmetry, but has 2-fold rotational symmetry and tessellates with squares. A common way to draw the shape begins with two sets of three parallel, vertical lines, one above the other.


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Dimensions50 × 40 × 3 cm


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