[T-Shirt “Heart”] – Vartan Ghazarian


Introducing our exclusive art merch collection! At our gallery, we pride ourselves on offering one-of-a-kind items that fuse the worlds of art and fashion. Each piece is a unique masterpiece, ensuring that you own a wearable artwork like no other.

What sets our art merch apart is the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. Every garment is embedded with a microchip that harnesses the power of NFC systems, making it compatible with any smartphone. With a simple tap, you can unlock a world of information about the authenticity, uniqueness, and connection to both the gallery and the artist.

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With our art merch, you have the incredible opportunity to wear a genuine piece of art. Gone are the days when masterpieces were confined to gallery walls. Now, you can proudly display your artistic sensibility by adorning yourself with a wearable canvas.

Every stroke, every intricate detail of the artwork has been carefully transferred onto our high-quality t-shirts and sweatshirts. As you slip into these garments, you become a walking exhibition, showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship of the artist.

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