[The taste of a woman] Halina Lazarchuk


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The acidic environment of the vagina’s flora is a natural defense mechanism and tastes sour. So why do men like to go down on women? What does she taste like to him and why does he say, ‘Hmmm…you are so delicious…’? Science always tries to give us answers, attempting to explain why cunnilingus is so… satisfying. The more a man engages with this part of the female anatomy, the greater the volume of sperm he will ejaculate. In other words, they have a better chance of impregnating her – that’s survival of the fittest in its most enjoyable form. Our human ancestors could also tell if a woman was ovulating by licking and sniffing her, which is all part of the mating game.


• About artist: Halina Lazarchuk

Dimensions:21 × 29,7 cm

1 in stock

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When a woman is ovulating, she smells better to a man, which is why he loves to lick so much. As he feasts on her juices, she is also more likely to reach an orgasm, and that endocrine surge could lead to a successful fertilisation of her ovaries. And it’s no surprise that vaginal pheromones raise a guy’s testosterone levels, giving him better erections and more stamina. But, let’s forget the science and simply say that cunnilingus just feels good. It’s a mutual enjoyment – women love receiving it and men love giving it.
What reminds you of the taste of a woman and why do you like it? Hmmm….

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Dimensions21 × 29,7 cm


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