[Terra] – Masha Bo


A smile on the pedestal of the column. Rhombuses of fractals. The style of the jacket is repeated.

• About artist: Masha Bo

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By definition, colonnades implement a basic structure of architecture known as the post and lintel system, whereby columns support a flat surface stretched between them. Most ancient colonnades were constructed of stone, whose brittle composition required frequently placed columns to maintain the structure’s integrity. When the Greeks used wood instead of stone, they were subsequently able to install fewer columns. The columns within a colonnade are also multifaceted, consisting firstly of a base or plinth, secondly a shaft, the main support beam that is often thinner at the top than at the bottom, and thirdly the capital or decorative top of the column.

Capitals are key in determining the type of column, either Doric, Ionic or Corinthian, which range from least to most decorative, all of which are found in the ruins of Greek architecture. The ceiling of a colonnade is known as an entablature, which also corresponds to the column type and can contain elaborately carved decorations of faces or whole scenes.

In the ancient world, colonnades could also form porches or porticos outside the entrances to buildings as extra decorations, while peristyles formed a complete enclosure around an open space such as a garden or courtyard.

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