[The Bonds of the Endless Embrasure] – Masha Bo


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The red loophole of a medieval castle wrapped in barbed wire with the infinity sign.

ā€¢ About artist: Masha Bo


Dimensions:80 × 80 cm

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The towers of the Moscow Kremlin with peaked tents and walls with battlements in the form of “swallow tails” are indispensable elements of the panorama of the capital. In the place where the Kremlin stands, the settlement has been located since ancient times. This location is very advantageous: on the high Borovitsky hill, at the confluence of two rivers ā€“ the Moskva River and the Neglinnaya. The first fortifications that appeared here were wooden. And in 1366-1368, Prince Dmitry Donskoy built the first white-stone Moscow Kremlin. The walls and towers that appear before us now are basically fortifications built in 1485-1495 by Italian architects on the site of the former, dilapidated white stone walls.

The fact is that the design of loopholes in the form of famous “swallow tails” was a typical detail of Northern Italian architecture, characteristic of buildings in cities where the ruling “party” were Ghibellines ā€“ supporters of rapprochement with the emperor (unlike the Guelphs, supporters of the Pope, who decorated the walls of their cities with battlements with direct completion). These prongs were not only an ornament: they protected the upper battle platforms.

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Dimensions80 × 80 cm


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