[The theater behind the screen] Halina Lazarchuk


Our bodies are like the lens of a camera, capturing every moment of our lives as if it were a film. The world around us may constantly change, but our memories are forever etched into the “film” of our consciousness. Though the body itself cannot view this captured film, there are those with a heightened sense of perception who can observe it. Bronnikov’s students possess this gift, with their “operators” able to look beyond the physical and into the metaphysical. The body itself is like a movie camera – a tool that holds a certain amount of film that, when it ends, is removed. The device itself is disposed of, recycled into the environment to which it belongs.

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As we delve deeper into the physics of our reality, we realise that the atom is just a tiny fraction of the void that surrounds us. Our reality is but a projection of the information that our consciousness reads, giving life to the forms that we see. The philosophers got it right: “change yourself – the world around you will change”. With intention, we can even turn matter into energy and we are the masters of the universe, using our imagination as a magic wand.

But how do we change ourselves to see the reality we desire? It is not as simple as repeating mantras or daydreaming. It is easy to fall into the trap of idealism, where we imagine a utopian world without taking responsibility for our own lives. We must not let our minds deceive us into a virtual reality, for true change comes from within. The power to rewrite the program of our consciousness lies in our own hands.

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