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When the artist Vladimir Tsesler turned his hand to creating an exquisite piece of jewelry, it inspired Irina Sigitova to recreate the work on canvas.

This gold brooch inlaid with precious stones is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and one that any woman would love to wear. But those who don’t speak Russian will not appreciate the full meaning of the elaborate design. The word хуй is actually an obscene word in Russian used to describe the male organ – the cock.

• About artist: Vladimir Tsesler

• About artist: Irina Sigitova

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The vulgarity of the term contrasts with the exquisite ornamental piece, almost a provocative ‘finger in the air’ to established sensibilities. Who would dare to wear this brooch knowing what the word actually means? Perhaps, those who enjoy its intricacy and appreciate the artist’s message behind it?

Artists are known for using obscene language for a variety of purposes. Sometimes they want to provoke or shock their audience and challenge the social norms. With the use of explicit language, the unsettled audience can be encouraged to question preconceived notions and engage with the work on a deeper level.

Other times, the artist wants to create an emotional intensity, and profanity is used to convey a raw, unfiltered perspective. More often than not, the work is a social critique and satirical in nature, with the obscene word serving as a tool. It is definitely a powerful way to draw attention to the subject matter. The breaking of taboos is also a common artistic pursuit that aims to transgress societal boundaries and force the audience to reconsider their perspective on life.

More often than not, the use of obscene language is just one way that the artist chooses to express themselves, without any particular hidden agenda.

As art is subjective, not everyone will find this kind of work appealing. But to those who adore it, the brooch can be made to order!

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