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The Thinker is the pinnacle of the creative activity of the French sculptor of the second half of the XIX century, Auguste Rodin. Initially, the author called the statue a “Poet”, meaning the creator of the Divine comedy Dante. To your attention a modern embodiment of the ideal in digital format is presented now.

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The painting impresses with its interpretation. Made in a modern style, the thinker is placed on a moving wave stream and depicts a nude male figure in full size. Being a fan of Auguste Rodin, Vladimir Ostangov performed the work in personal style traditions.
A man is sitting on a rock, leaning his elbow on his knee. There is a deep thoughtfulness in his face, as if the solution of vital issues is at stake. This stocky figure became for contemporaries an image of titanic power and enormous mental tension.

Later, it was this image that was often used as a symbol of philosophy.

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