[Wake Up Mr. Lenin] – Vladimir Tsesler


The great leader of the proletariat is waiting in eternal repose for the alarm clock to ring for a new revolution.

• About artist: Vladimir Tsesler

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The events of the October Revolution 1917 in Russia also had subjective reasons. Thus, the Bolshevik Party was a small but well-organized grouping capable of solving local problems in Petrograd quickly and efficiently. In addition, they were headed by the greatest politicians of the twentieth century – V. I. Lenin, L. D. Trotsky and others. Their political opponents had no equivalent cadres. And the intelligentsia was rushing from Orthodox nationalism to anarchism and support for terrorism.

The reason for the October Revolution in Russia can also be called the activity of German intelligence, which in every way contributed to the course of revolutionary activity in all cities of the country.
As a result, the passivity of the part of the population that could stop the Bolsheviks had grave consequences.
The old government was overthrown, the old economic structure was changed and the old socio-political institutions were replaced. The revolution took place quickly and planned.

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