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The soldiers were in the service of the pharaoh, the rulers of districts and temples. For their service, they received plots of land that were farmed by slaves. The army was organized in the form of military settlements located in the center of the country and in the most threatened areas; the main forces were in Lower Egypt, which was often attacked; there were fewer settlements in Upper Egypt, since the neighboring Nubian tribes could not be a serious opponent of the Egyptians due to their fragmentation.
Moreover, the conquered Nubian tribes were obliged to give Egypt a certain number of soldiers to carry out internal “police” service.

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During the great campaigns, the pharaohs strengthened their army at the expense of the conquered neighboring tribes. These warriors cannot be considered mercenaries, since there is no evidence that they received any payment for participating in the campaign. One can only assume their right to some share in the spoils of war.

Political centralization was the basis of military centralization. The supreme power belonged to the Pharaoh, who appointed the head of the army, as well as the heads of detachments or fleets. The documents of the times of the Ancient Kingdom mention the “house of arms” — a kind of military department, which was responsible for the manufacture of weapons, the construction of ships, the supply of troops and the construction of defensive structures. There is no data on the number of Egyptian troops from the period of the Ancient Kingdom. With regard to the fleet, there is only one mention of a detachment of 40 ships sent for the cedars.

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