[With a Paddle on the Waves] – Masha Bo


A girl with a bare back in a coffee cup with an oar in her hands floats between paper boats in to between two columns of the pre-industrial world straight ahead a picture frame.

• About artist: Masha Bo

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The wave is a symbol of a journey, a fast and unexpected road, big changes. The road seen is not always connected with geographical movement, the dream is also interpreted as a journey of feelings and emotions. Clear blue or transparent waves are a breakthrough in work or study. This will help you take a leading position in the team and count on a quick reward. Waves with dirty or muddy water are a symbol of making a fatal mistake that will not allow you to achieve your dream. A deplorable situation is ahead if you dream of dirty waves rolling ashore during a storm.

Why do you dream of big waves?

Sleeping in large waves can be a sign of events and circumstances, both positive and negative in nature. The best way to protect yourself from possible complications associated in this case with your family members or work colleagues is to carefully consider the steps you take or the words you utter.

To dream of waves on the sea. Watching the sea with waves in a dream, a dream book is interpreted as serious changes in reality that can happen on your way. You will be able to cope with these changes by using your strengths to your advantage, while taking into account your priorities.

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