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A photographic film for cars is an opportunity to artistically create a car design to match your personality. Movie actors, businessmen, pop stars order their own unique car appearance from professional artists.

One of the main activities of the HauteArt tuning studio is the car wrapping with film, including the car body paint – the prices for our services allow us to produce car tuning for any budget. In our work we use materials from leading world brands, have qualified personnel and modern technical base, perform work of any complexity, including on the customer’s territory.

chevrolette wrapped in art film

Turnkey projects from design to application for any type of transport

We are a team that loves what we do. We treat cars with soul and trepidation.

We believe that a car is not just a piece of iron, but something spiritual that has the characteristics of a living being: it can be fast, slow, funny, sad, moody, etc. Therefore, we put a piece of our soul on each project, thereby willy-nilly entering into a dialogue with it. Car loving has been laid out since childhood. With age, this passion becomes dependent. We always want to do something with your car: take care of its internal and external world. Do you know this feeling?

And there are days when there are problems at work, things don’t go well at home. And so, you go to the garage, get into your car, and everything “takes off like a hand”, you find yourself on the other side of the world.

There are an infinite number of examples of film car wrapping and vinylography on cars.

You can choose a ready-made version from us or bring your individual car drawing design. All body tuning materials variants in your access.

Two types of films are used for pasting the body: vinyl and polyurethane. Vinyl coatings were the very first to appear on the market. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they change their properties when heated, becoming plastic, and harden when cooled. In appearance, vinyl films are similar to plastic. Polyurethane coatings are more like rubber.

Vinylography options: imitation of matte painting, carbon, gold, chrome, flames, images of sea waves, animals, space, bridges and attractions, etc.

nissan wrapped in art film

Polyurethane films have gained the greatest popularity among motorists.

Polyurethane coatings have a number of advantages: they do not freeze at low temperatures and effectively cope with protective functions. Vinyl coatings provide protection for the case only due to thickness, but in winter conditions they become brittle and can tear.

What is the difference between the materials?

Polyurethane film is produced with a thickness of about 150-400 microns. It is durable, able to protect the car body from large chips and scratches. The coating performs its functions much better than vinyl film. Transparent polyurethane protection does not change the color of the automotive paint, as it passes ultraviolet radiation. Even after a few years, the places covered with the film will not differ in color from other parts of the car body.

nissan wrapped in art film

But wrapping the car with a polyurethane film  is more expensive than covering it with vinyl. The cost of the material itself will cost 80 euros per meter. The price of vinyl film is much cheaper – from 15 euros per meter. It is also necessary to take into account the cost of work, which depends on the execution. The average thickness of vinyl or polyvinyl chloride film is 100 microns. This is enough to protect the surface of the paintwork from small scratches, branches, sand, damage during washing. One of the negative features of the material is that it eventually becomes faded from the sun and turns yellow from chemicals.

Features of vinyl films

Vinyl film allows you to change the color of the car, as well as add a twist to it. There are many different colors and textures of the material: carbon, chrome, matte, glossy and others. The coating is thinner and cannot protect the body surface from severe damage, but allows you to choose an interesting shade at an attractive price and create a new auto design.

Vinyl advantages

  • Budget savings compared to expensive methods

  • Prevention of small scratches and chips on the car body

  • Durability and brightness of the automotive

  • Theft protection (hijackers most often do not touch a bright, easily recognizable car)

We will help you to choose coverage and cost calculations.

Most often we are approached by people who respect their car, value quality and value their time.

  • Who wants a new car to look 100% unique and individual for many years without wasting time and money on “cosmetologists”.
  • Or they want to add color to grey roads and grey everyday life.
  • Or those who want to see the delight and admiration on the faces of people around.
  • Those who want to declare themselves

We do all kinds of car wrapping

  • Branding. We will allocate a car to your company. Advertising on wheels.
  • Changing the color of cars with vinyl films. We glue colored glossy, matte, pearly films. We do antichrome, vinylography, camouflage.
  • Protection of polyurethane film from chips and scratches. Shine for years to come.
  • Art car design of a unique image of the vehicle cover for printing on a special printer.

We will do it carefully on certified materials!
You don’t have a design? We will do it!
Don’t know which film to choose? We’ll suggest you the best options for your new auto design!
We will give a guarantee for 1 year!

7 main variants of films in appearance

Wrapping the car body with a film will give it an unusual look. You can change the exterior to a bright shade or, conversely, an inconspicuous color. Vinyl film makes it possible to embody any fantasy in the design of the car.

Real carbon fiber is a composite material made of carbon fiber. It is very durable and resistant to damage. However, not everyone can afford to glue the entire car body with carbon fiber. Some motorists trim certain parts of the car with the material in order to save money. Most of the owners use inexpensive vinyl film with a carbon fiber texture for their cars. Such material will not be able to protect the body from significant damage.

Vinyl film in a protective color will give the car an interesting look. The color is dynamic, masculine. It is suitable for active motorists – travelers, employees and the military.
You can find several varieties of this print. There are digital, artistic images, as well as detailed drawings of flora and distinctive features of the area. The camouflage color is represented by green, brown, gray, yellow and others.

The material has gained popularity for a long time. The matte finish adds luxury and presentability to the car. Such a car impresses with its style and looks more expensive than it really is. There is a variant of a matte transparent film, thanks to which you can protect the car and preserve the color.

The film imitates the chrome coating of car parts. At the same time, the price will be significantly lower than the cost of chrome-plated metal. Mirror coating is made with different textures: glossy, matrix, carbon fiber, laser and others.

Decorative coating, which involves changing the color of the car depending on the lighting, viewing angle. The film helps to make the car unique. It will look different every time. A variety of colors of the film for pasting the car allows you to embody any design of the car body.

A drawing made by a professional artist on a paintwork is quite expensive. For those who want to make their car unique, there is another way out: vinyl film with a printed image. The coating is inexpensive. You can print out any high-quality drawing and glue the car.

In this case, it is supposed to be pasted with a film with a picture of the elements of the car: the body, windows or headlights. Any desired picture is used as an image. Often cars are decorated on the occasion of a holiday or place ads on them.

Which vinyl film to choose is decided by the owner himself. Preferences depend on what effect you need to achieve with a specific material. Experts recommend giving preference to colors that repeat the original shade of the car. Then, if the film is damaged, the difference in paint will not be noticeable. It is better to refuse contrasting colors.

Our advantages

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Clean box with 24/7 security

guarantee for film wrapping

1 year

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Only certified films

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Features of car wrapping with polyurethane film

It is not the entire body that is pasted with polyurethane film, but individual parts. Usually these are the bumper, hood, fenders, upper edge of the windshield and pillars, corners and bottom at the doors. The rear of the car is almost never damaged, so it does not need to be closed there. In some cases, polyurethane film protects the lower edge of the trunk from corrosion.

If you want to make a car film wrapping with your own hands, then you need to follow the tips for applying a vinyl coating. The sequence of actions is the same as with the wet method.

After all the work is done, the car should stand in the garage for a day.

Polyurethane film has some features that you need to know before you start wrapping. It hardly adheres to the rounded parts of the car and bends. To ensure a good fit, you will need to make incisions. If the material is installed incorrectly, it will come off on the first day of operation. You cannot stretch the film, because it will return to its original state. The process of applying polyurethane film is painstaking and complex. It is better to entrust the work to professionals.

The full cost of wrapping a car with a film depends on the brand of the vehicle and the type of material to be applied. If the car is large, it will require a lot of film and the price of the material and work will be higher than for pasting a small car. The complexity of the bends of the body parts, additional installation will also add an extra few thousand rubles to the cost. The prices for the work will be announced to you by the master.

Our Works

Calculation of the required amount of film

Before buying the material, you need to calculate how much film is needed for pasting the car. It is recommended to purchase the entire required volume from one batch, as the film from different supplies may vary slightly.

Different films differ in quality and properties. Some of them are more elastic and strong when stretching, others are more rigid. It is better to purchase the material with a margin, because the most experienced craftsmen can make a mistake when working with the film and it will need to be re-glued. Also, the car body can be of a complex configuration, which will require additional costs. It is necessary to purchase from 150 to 450 cm, so that you do not need to go to the store again. The remaining pieces will be useful in the future for tightening the damaged place.

There is an easy way to calculate the amount of material for the complete pasting of the car with film. You need to multiply the length of the car by three (the car has three planes) and add 3-4.5 meters. Round the result to the size of the whole roll. To paste over all parts of the body, the width of a standard roll will be enough.

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car wrapping service

Car wrapping

People with a special attitude to their car want to have more than just a serial device. The unique design of your body covering reflects your personality and will not leave you unattended on the road. In addition, it will be a practical protection of your main paintwork. You have already picked up the music for the car yourself and now together with us you will pick up your unique external style.


Our studio is proud to offer a wide range of services related to Art NFTs! We specialize in creating NFTs from any art product, allowing artists to easily monetize their work and reach a wider audience. At Hauteart, we understand that the art world is rapidly changing and that traditional methods of buying and selling art are becoming increasingly outdated. That’s why we’ve created an online platform.

Print from contemporary artist Gabriel Halo - David#39 for sell. This version of the metamorphosis is made up of chopped, sharp edges in purple tones.