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Paintings, statues, portraits, tableware, furniture, jewelry, art installations and all you interested forms of art.

  • Art with the smallest detail and on a large scale, taking into account the wishes of the client
  • Our art objects are created only by our group of artists, personally. Work with famous artists.
  • We guarantee strict compliance with the deadlines specified in the contract. If you don’t like the work of the master, we will provide you with another performer.
  • Our experts will advise you on all issues of interest, help you find a suitable job, and also provide a detailed overview of the cost of the works of art you are interested in

Request → project development → selection of a stylistically suitable artist → layout → result!

If you want to have in your collection a unique work of a contemporary artist or an exact copy of a world masterpiece, the Haute Art Gallery in Cyprus offers a portrait, fresco, mosaic, stained glass, sculpture, jewelry, furniture or a painting to order. The galleries below show the works of our masters in various techniques. You can view the examples and choose the technique closest to you.

*The cost of a custom-made art objects consists of several components: deadlines, material, size and design of the work.

We are not intermediaries. We create all products with our own hands, exactly according to the customer’s requirements.

Please note: It is not possible to calculate the cost of creating a handmade art object on a calculator. The calculator assumes the calculation of the cost based on the size and strict parameters, without taking into account the genre and complexity of the work.
Following the example of creating a picture. Paintings such as the “Black Square” cannot be the same size Malevich and Aivazovsky landscape, sold at the same price or close. If this is a “print”, “giclee” or any other imitation of painting created by machine and tinted with paints, then it is quite possible.

For the most part, the art objects that need to be worked out are written by professional artists with an academic education. As a result, the quality of performance directly depends on the level of education, professional skills and experience of artist. An art installation created by a professional artist with an academic education who has many years of experience, including, for example, in the Hermitage Museum, will always cost more than a copy made by an “original” non-professional artist.

art creating with you materials in offer

Order for art and art for order

Is it always possible to distinguish public art from an advertising installation or an engineering design, or a project to improve the urban environment? They have common creators, spaces, customers. And most importantly: regardless of the author’s tasks, the context of perception and discussion of the work remains the same as for an advertising creative, as for a serious art project.

Each person is automatically embedded in two stories — absolutely artistic and absolutely commercial: he is a co-author of an art project, and a consumer of cotton candy in the park

The relationship between art and advertising has been the subject of numerous articles and studies for at least a century. Their texts can already serve as a subject of research, and you can read the social history of art of the last decades and the evolution of advertising from them. Ten years ago, the analysis of this topic was done with posters of Toulouse-Lautrec and Alphonse Mucha, searching for Campbell soups, Absolut vodka and cans of caviar depicted in paintings, or repeating the aesthetics of advertising strips in glossy publications from Jeff Koons. A little later, researchers drew attention to the similarity of some forms of public art and urban advertising structures. From the side of art, graffiti and street art, public sculptures were used. From the side of commerce — advertising graffiti, installations and public actions. Suddenly it became obvious the similarity of terminology and the designation of genres, which, apparently, appeared in the arsenal of art after all earlier. A bottle of nail polish hanging in the air can easily be mistaken for an advertising installation, for an original-shaped fence ordered by the local municipality for an artist, and for a street-artist critique of the consumption system. Since the form is the same, the messages should be distinguished depending on the author’s goals — artistic, design or commercial. But it is much more important in what quality this work lives and realizes itself in the viewer’s space — where the public art object finds meaning. Now we are can make symbiosis of art and media space.

Our Artists

An artist should be a little ahead of his time and feel the subtle vibrations of matter, anticipating them.

The desire to shake any borders and seize other people’s territories is one of the main properties of modern art. However, part of these boundaries does not lie between the fields of high culture: music, cinema, theater, but between art and purely practical spheres: design, applied science and technology, advertising, engineering. And access to these territories is the easiest and most effective way to split the society of art lovers. Some believe that any new aesthetic seems too radical in the gallery, but coveted in the window of a fashion store. Others are sure that an artist should not wrap a commercial product in a beautiful wrapper, with which he can then compete with other products. At one time, it seemed to Francis Scott Fitzgerald that he was perfectly able to write some stories for fashion magazines, and quite others for eternity. But there came a moment when he could no longer squeeze out a single phrase outside of the glossy style, it was firmly ingrained in his speech.

Our Services

Hauteart is a place that combines all the currents of art. From the masterpieces of classicism to the ergonomics of modern creative performances. Here you can get help and advice on all your stylish wishes.

3d furniture production

3D Furniture

3D printing technology has come a long way in recent years, and now it is even possible to 3D print furniture. This innovative approach to furniture design offers many benefits, including greater design flexibility and customization options. One of the key advantages of 3D printed furniture is that it can be made using only recycled materials.

Custom-made art objects

If you want to have in your collection a unique work of a contemporary artist or an exact copy of a world masterpiece, the Haute Art Gallery in Cyprus offers a portrait, fresco, mosaic, stained glass, sculpture, jewelry, furniture or a painting to order. Our experts will advise you on all issues of interest, help you find a suitable job.

Unique creations for all you whishes
Haute Art decor service

Art decor

Our company decorates interiors since 2017. We equip retails, show rooms, offices, flats and houses. We work only with the best suppliers of stylish furniture and interior accessories. Life is made up of details which we select for you with love. Inspiring solutions for all projects! A unic interior is available to everyone. Check out our prices for basic services.

Art events

The organization of events is always a story about people, so we have abandoned templates and never send concepts and proposals before a personal meeting. It is important for us to understand and feel a person in order to offer exactly what suits him personally. We are constantly developing and trying new things to always be on trend, so every next time we manage to surprise you.

We make your holiday special and fun
We can organize special gifts

Art gifts

We always knew exactly what to choose for a significant event and where to find it. We helped our friends who wanted to present something elegant and statuesque to their loved ones, and most importantly – non–trivial! There were more and more people who advised us as professionals in art, and now the idea of creating a project of unique gifts has been realized in Hauteart.

Art tours

The perfect journey is an art. From the most famous and celebrated galleries in the world, such as the Uffizi, Prado and the Hermitage, to countless lesser known gems. Our architecture tours celebrate great buildings as monuments and as dwelling-spaces, as works of engineering and works of art, and as vital components in a city’s mythos. Our tours are dedicated to a variety of topics.

We will organize an unforgettable weekend for you. Tours on europe.
Profit with investments in art

Art investments

Haute Art publishes regular reviews of art market events and practical recommendations to investors. A separate block of information materials has been prepared, addressed to novice investors, explaining the basics of compiling an investment collection and tips on how to choose the direction of investment and avoid pitfalls in the art market.

Art finder

Finding interesting artwork can be quite difficult, especially for those who are just starting out. With this in mind, we are ready to share the best practices of our experience in finding art objects for you. Hauteart is one of the oldest and largest art sites and communities on the internet. All works of art that are masterpieces that you want to look at will become yours if you just want to.

Art finding
car wrapping service

Car wrapping

People with a special attitude to their car want to have more than just a serial device. The unique design of your body covering reflects your personality and will not leave you unattended on the road. In addition, it will be a practical protection of your main paintwork. You have already picked up the music for the car yourself and now together with us you will pick up your unique external style.


Our studio is proud to offer a wide range of services related to Art NFTs! We specialize in creating NFTs from any art product, allowing artists to easily monetize their work and reach a wider audience. At Hauteart, we understand that the art world is rapidly changing and that traditional methods of buying and selling art are becoming increasingly outdated. That’s why we’ve created an online platform.

Print from contemporary artist Gabriel Halo - David#39 for sell. This version of the metamorphosis is made up of chopped, sharp edges in purple tones.