We will take care of creative meetings

Art events are a great way to get out and explore the creative side of life. Whether it’s a gallery opening or a performance art show, they give us the opportunity to connect with other art lovers and appreciate the unique beauty of art. These events are more than just a way to pass the time. They are a chance to open our minds to new ideas and perspectives, to get inspired and to find joy in the creative process. Art events also provide an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and to discover new and exciting art forms.

One of the main activities of the HauteArt is organization of art events that will dive your guests into the creative atmosphere. The event will feature a variety of art forms, such us painting or photography. Local artists will be displaying their work, and attendees will have the opportunity to purchase pieces they like. Whether you’re looking for a way to express yourself, purchase a piece of art or simply enjoy the creative atmosphere, HauteArt will organize and host your event that will provide an enjoyable and enriching experience.

The organization of a thematic evening is a creative and complex matter. Sometimes it is believed that it is enough to choose an actual topic, highlight it, then arrange a concert or show a movie – and the thematic evening is ready. This view is simplistic and fundamentally wrong. In our difficult time, the conflict between movement and inertia, between indifference and ardor, between broad-mindedness and narrow-mindedness, between nobility and baseness, search and complacency, between good and evil in the broad sense of these words, gives an opportunity for the search for heroes both positive, which we sympathize with, and negative.

For a creative person who is not indifferent to what is happening around him, there is always food for thought, there is an acute topic for creativity.

Therefore, when organizing a thematic evening, the director of theatrical and creative performances and holidays should show maximum ingenuity and invention, make sure that the evening is exposed in a bright emotional form, so that the topic is topical, important and close to the audience.

A thematic self artistry and theatrical evening, as well as other mass events – emancipation, discharge of negative energy, infection with a good mood.

The possibility of displaying individual abilities, the realization of everyone’s inherent need to be beautiful and attractive, to please someone, in a joyous vacation, in a sense of happiness.

All this creates a need for such a form of mass work as a thematic theatrical evening. Creates prerequisites for an in-depth study of the features of directing a thematic evening and the further development of this type of theatrical action.

A thematic creative evening is a mass event dedicated to a particular topic, which is built according to a specific program within the framework of one evening. This is a collective action of people contributing to the satisfaction and development of the individual’s need for social communication, information about the surrounding reality, mastering the methods of social activity and versatile participation in it, social recognition, creativity.

A thematic creative evening is a kind of theatrical performance (spectacle), obliging to act independently together with the presenters, characterized by the social significance of the topics covered, the organic fusion of the artistic and figurative with documentary material and their dramatic development.

Turnkey events from idea to support

HauteArt offers turnkey event solutions for all types of occasions. We know that organizing an event can be a daunting task, so our team of experienced professionals is here to help organize a successful event from scratch to finish. Our team will handle every aspect of your event, from the initial idea and planning stages to providing the necessary supplies and support on the day of your event.

With us you will create a memorable event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. You will get a range of services, from event consulting and design, to catering, entertainment, and more. With our turnkey event solutions, you can rest assured that your event will be organized and managed to perfection.

A holiday is a multifaceted phenomenon. It covers all aspects of human life, and theatrical performances are the most capacious and multifaceted form of mass celebration, including poetry, music, theater, decorative art, choreography, cinema and pyrotechnics, as well as some forms of sports – rhythmic gymnastics, mass gymnastic performances, ice dancing, etc. The practice of developing artificial performances in our country forms one or another of their specific types. Some of these types are in the process of formation, registration, approval in life; others, clearly defined by species parameters, differentiate into genre and other varieties. In this regard, there is a need to distinguish creative performances into a separate kind of art, which has specifics both in terms of the correlation of functions and tasks, and in artistic imagery.

For our creative team, the high cultural level of our events, which have already proven themselves in the city, is fundamental. We offer different options for cooperation, in each of which we will proceed from the specifics of your organization, which ensures the uniqueness of each event.

Are you looking for a unique way to showcase your art? Exhibitions, corporate events, and art presentations are fantastic ways for getting your work out into the world and build your profile as an artist.
Exhibitions will help to share your art and express the creativity with people who are already interested in the work of contemporary artists. Having your work in a public space helps to build your professional credibility and drum up interest in your work.

Exhibitions, corporate events, presentations in the art theme.

The process of organising an art exhibition can be quite complex and time-consuming. It requires careful planning, selecting the right pieces to showcase, finding suitable venues, and so on. It is also important to ensure that the exhibition is promoted effectively, so that people know about it and can attend the event.

Corporate events have become an increasingly popular way to bring people together, build relationships, and create unique experiences. With the rise of art-based events, companies are finding new and exciting ways to bring their employees and clients together in a creative and engaging way.

By incorporating art into the event, companies can create a unique and memorable experience. From painting classes to live music performances, art-based events can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization. Additionally, art-based events can be used to foster team building and collaboration, as well as to celebrate successes and milestones.

Presentations are a great way to market yourself as an artist. You can share your story, talk about your process and show off your art. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and give them an insight into your art practice.

Hauteart is here for you for organizing any of the above events!

Presentations of new series of works, artists’ works

Our team is dedicated to presenting new series of art works from a variety of artists. You will be engaged in an inspiring environment and explore the works of these talented individuals. Hauteart helps artists to market their work and to find new audiences. Our goal is to create a platform for the appreciation of art and to foster a community of art lovers.

Exhibiting art requires careful planning and preparation. Collectors of art often require a certain level of accompaniment and guidance when it comes to curating and displaying their collections. This can involve a variety of tasks, such as selecting the right pieces for the exhibition, arranging the pieces in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and ensuring that the exhibition is properly lit and presented.

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to ensure that your exhibition is successful and meets all of your expectations. You will get assistance with the selection of artwork, curation, installation, and promotion of the exhibition. We also provide support with the logistics of the exhibition, such as transportation, storage, and insurance.

When it comes to collectors’ exhibitions, we provide the highest quality accompaniment and preparation. Hauteart guarantees success and satisfaction with the results of the exhibition.

carring of corporate events

Corporate creative meets

The Agency of High Art

We have extensive experience in organizing and holding cultural events, thanks to which it successfully deals with both large-scale urban projects and corporate holidays. Unlike other organizations represented on the market of such services, HauteArt relies on the uniqueness and uniqueness of each event, from writing an original script to artistic and technical implementation on stage.

Do you want to organize a special corporate party? Let’s escape from boring gatherings in a restaurant! The number of guests, a master class, a photographer, food and entertainment – you choose the components of the holiday, we write a script and bring to life your best party.

The leading artist is responsible for the atmosphere and creative process, the photographer will shoot the brightest moments of your party.

Children holidays. Art events for kids.

The bests memories for your kids.

We are sure that organizing a holiday for a child is a sensitive and responsible business that requires an integrated approach. Treating the process thoughtfully and creatively, we take into account even the slightest preferences of the youngest and youngest customers. Our goal is to captivate, surprise and intrigue the child as much as possible. Children’s animators in Cyprus with acting education and vast experience, perfectly cope with this task.

We make up a strictly individual scenario of a children’s holiday, discussing the topic in detail with parents, focusing on favorite children’s characters, visual and gastronomic preferences of children.

Art events with kids

We practice a sparkling and memorable game format in the form of mini-performances, quests, children’s children’s parties in nature, taking into account every detail for optimal comfort of the child and his guests.

Prom night carring

Artificial prom night

Unique magic day

Down with the hackneyed contests! Proms held by theater actors differ from many others in their originality and uniqueness. Those who thought that in a few years they were able to thoroughly study their classmates or classmates will be pleasantly surprised to discover their new facets. The same actors of the HauteArt will help this: creative games will imperceptibly unite graduates even more during their passage and will invariably be able to cheer everyone up.

The HauteArt strictly observes the main wish for the school and student graduation: the evening should be remembered for a long time and become the subject of discussion at every Cyprus alumni meeting.

Graduation is not graduation without good musical pauses. And the musical direction of our theater simply obliges this evening to sound exclusively in the right key!

New year holydays

New Year’s performances for children from 3 to 10 years old.

Bright, musical, interactive performances with a fascinating plot, and for dessert – a kind Santa Claus with contests, generous gifts and a traditional song greeting.

Forms of cooperation: you can organize a performance for a whole class (several classes), children of your company’s employees, kindergarten groups, or just buy an individual ticket for your child.

Congratulations from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden at corporate events.

Conducting New Year's artistic holidays. Cyprus

Our program is aimed at those who believe in wizards (children of any age) and those who have a little doubt (parents, grandparents). In any house where a Christmas tree is decorated, there is a place for New Year’s adventures.

intellectual creative games, corporate events

Intellectually creative games

Have you decided to take a break from the monotonous evening gatherings, where the culmination is ordinary?

The HauteArt services will help you, your friends and colleagues not only make the end of the week brighter, but also give you the opportunity to get to know yourself in new qualities. One chair may be enough to visit the cockpit, on the top of a mountain or on a river walk.

A ribbon and a pair of pins – and now you are not you at all, but a secret agent. Fifteen minutes is enough to compose a song, make costumes and decorations and show an unusual number. Having found a creative vein in yourself, you will get genuine pleasure from an unusual charge for the mind.

Leaving far behind the experts of the program “What? Where? When?”, you will discover a lot of little-known facts from a variety of fields of knowledge.

Creative vacation out of city

Going out of town does not necessarily have to be accompanied by backpacks and tired legs. We offer you such a type of recreation as a creative departure.

A creative departure from the HauteArt is an exciting adventure, the course of which depends on the imagination, ingenuity and resourcefulness of the participants. The intellectual and creative program of the trip will especially appeal to people with a broad outlook, who love positive emotions and are looking for new experiences.

Such games are ideal for corporate pastime, team building, school and student events, as they are aimed at team building and the disclosure of individual abilities.

Carryng of Corporate country events

A special approach to each customer allows you to come up with a unique scenario and create the most comfortable conditions and interesting tasks for the participants of the game.

acting master classes, trainings, lectures

Master class in acting, trainings, lectures

Teachers and actors of the HauteArt, teachers of the School of Theater, Television and Show Business will prepare and conduct for you:

— master classes in acting, dancing of various styles and directions, pop vocals, videography and editing;
— trainings aimed at developing attention, memory, imagination, ability to work in a group and improving communication skills;
— lectures on modern literature, the culture of speech behavior, the history of theater and the history of cinema.

Art is the best way to reveal and develop in a person such qualities necessary in the modern world as sociability, emancipation, resourcefulness and creativity.

Master classes, trainings and lectures on the main areas of stage (and, if desired, close to it) art will help you acquire the necessary skills or just try yourself in a new direction.

Massive concerts, festivals

Since 2020, the HauteArt has been organizing and holding city, all-Cyprus and international festivals, uniting and activating creative youth.

We are provide accompaniment in all stages to find the key for greatest mass event and solving related tasks, which will lead the festival to an good, amazing and unexpected ending. From the first meeting, we try to feel you as deeply as possible, to get into everything you live by, to find out what makes you feel joy and happiness, and to offer such an optimal solution for your desires and budget.

So that your wedding day is filled with exceptionally kind and bright emotions, and you and your guests remember every moment celebrations as the happiest, warmest and most touching.

Massive concerts, festivals, celebrities invitation

Various mass events are one of the popular forms of social activity and leisure of the population and satisfy the needs of the individual in direct involvement in political life, achievements of sports, culture, art.

Our Services

Hauteart is a place that combines all the currents of art. From the masterpieces of classicism to the ergonomics of modern creative performances. Here you can get help and advice on all your stylish wishes.

3d furniture production

3D Furniture

3D printing technology has come a long way in recent years, and now it is even possible to 3D print furniture. This innovative approach to furniture design offers many benefits, including greater design flexibility and customization options. One of the key advantages of 3D printed furniture is that it can be made using only recycled materials.

Custom-made art objects

If you want to have in your collection a unique work of a contemporary artist or an exact copy of a world masterpiece, the Haute Art Gallery in Cyprus offers a portrait, fresco, mosaic, stained glass, sculpture, jewelry, furniture or a painting to order. Our experts will advise you on all issues of interest, help you find a suitable job.

Unique creations for all you whishes
Haute Art decor service

Art decor

Our company decorates interiors since 2017. We equip retails, show rooms, offices, flats and houses. We work only with the best suppliers of stylish furniture and interior accessories. Life is made up of details which we select for you with love. Inspiring solutions for all projects! A unic interior is available to everyone. Check out our prices for basic services.

Art events

The organization of events is always a story about people, so we have abandoned templates and never send concepts and proposals before a personal meeting. It is important for us to understand and feel a person in order to offer exactly what suits him personally. We are constantly developing and trying new things to always be on trend, so every next time we manage to surprise you.

We make your holiday special and fun
We can organize special gifts

Art gifts

We always knew exactly what to choose for a significant event and where to find it. We helped our friends who wanted to present something elegant and statuesque to their loved ones, and most importantly – non–trivial! There were more and more people who advised us as professionals in art, and now the idea of creating a project of unique gifts has been realized in Hauteart.

Art tours

The perfect journey is an art. From the most famous and celebrated galleries in the world, such as the Uffizi, Prado and the Hermitage, to countless lesser known gems. Our architecture tours celebrate great buildings as monuments and as dwelling-spaces, as works of engineering and works of art, and as vital components in a city’s mythos. Our tours are dedicated to a variety of topics.

We will organize an unforgettable weekend for you. Tours on europe.
Profit with investments in art

Art investments

Haute Art publishes regular reviews of art market events and practical recommendations to investors. A separate block of information materials has been prepared, addressed to novice investors, explaining the basics of compiling an investment collection and tips on how to choose the direction of investment and avoid pitfalls in the art market.

Art finder

Finding interesting artwork can be quite difficult, especially for those who are just starting out. With this in mind, we are ready to share the best practices of our experience in finding art objects for you. Hauteart is one of the oldest and largest art sites and communities on the internet. All works of art that are masterpieces that you want to look at will become yours if you just want to.

Art finding
car wrapping service

Car wrapping

People with a special attitude to their car want to have more than just a serial device. The unique design of your body covering reflects your personality and will not leave you unattended on the road. In addition, it will be a practical protection of your main paintwork. You have already picked up the music for the car yourself and now together with us you will pick up your unique external style.


Our studio is proud to offer a wide range of services related to Art NFTs! We specialize in creating NFTs from any art product, allowing artists to easily monetize their work and reach a wider audience. At Hauteart, we understand that the art world is rapidly changing and that traditional methods of buying and selling art are becoming increasingly outdated. That’s why we’ve created an online platform.

Print from contemporary artist Gabriel Halo - David#39 for sell. This version of the metamorphosis is made up of chopped, sharp edges in purple tones.

Individual work with each customer also allows you to choose the most interesting topic for the prom. Do you prefer the classics of the 50s and your ideal graduation is the “Deep-sea Wonders” from the movie “Back to the Future”? Or have you always wanted to spend an evening with ghostbusters? Nothing is impossible for the actors of the HauteArt Theater!