Art as Philosophy

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting one of our talented artists, Halina Lazarchyk, to discuss the upcoming events for the next six months.

Art as Philosophy

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting one of our talented artists, Halina Lazarchyk, to discuss the upcoming events for the next six months.

With her characteristic modesty, she unveiled her latest canvases, which have coalesced into a breathtaking series that I am delighted to share with you today.

Interview from Halina Lazarchyk - modern art creator.

This time, Halina has crafted something truly unique, tinged with autumnal melancholy. Each piece in this series is not merely a painting; it represents a profound exploration of human relationships and individuality. It is inspired by the intricate facets of our existence and serves as a philosophical contemplation on the role of sensuality in our lives.

“Ephemeral Veils of Intimacy” beckon us into a realm where feminine intimacy becomes mystical and tender. Lazarchyk employs a mint-green backdrop and pastel hues to convey the complexity of private emotions, symbolizing the blurred boundary between the inner world and the external. This artwork evokes a whirlwind of emotions within me and compels contemplation on the hidden dimensions of female intimacy and vulnerability.

The artist embarks on an odyssey to unravel the intricate facets of female intimacy and self-identity. This painting transcends the boundaries of superficial perception and external trappings of feminine allure.

The subsequent piece, “Boundaries of Tenderness”, continues the theme of the preceding canvas, transporting us into the world of complex relationships between humans and animals. Perhaps the white kitten is but an allegory? Could it be that this individual cradles the delicate soul of a woman, and the realization of the irreversible is reflected in his eyes — round, tinged with sadness, and slightly moist? This masterpiece inspires profound contemplation of the delicate line between love and cruelty, care and oppressive control.

A distinctive feature of this series is that each canvas stands as a self-contained entity, yet when they come together, the narrative broadens, and each canvas unfolds from a new perspective. The series, as a whole, constitutes a philosophical treatise, with each canvas as a chapter, all intricately interconnected.

Original painting for sell from contemporary artist Halina Lazarchuk -Boundaries of Tenderness for sell. On this canvas, the intricacies of complex relationships between man and animal are masterfully depicted. The man, shrouded in darkness and mist, embodies an enigmatic figure that simultaneously conveys tenderness and cruelty. His large, round eyes, brimming with sadness and remorse, serve as a source of both compassion and fear.

“Celestial Inheritance“ immerses us in the era of the Soviet Union and the cult of a “happy” childhood. Lazarchyk employs the symbolism of pioneer dresses and crimson tights to depict the constraints and lack of freedom for self-expression. This artwork serves as a poignant reminder of how ideology can influence children and limit their opportunities for self-expression.

Original painting for sell from contemporary artist Halina Lazarchuk - Celestial Inheritance. Plunges deeply into the Soviet era, where the notion of a "happy" childhood was cultivated as part of the prevailing ideology. Yet, the artist keenly explores the facets of this culture, unveiling the darker undercurrents that often remained concealed behind the scenes.

In conclusion, “Passions in Gray” represents an exploration of human relationships and the yearning to find authentic connections in a world dominated by surface-level interactions and monotony. The gray background symbolizes the monotony of modern life, while the entwined figures express a deep desire for intimacy and genuine relationships.

This series of works by Halina Lazarchyk is unified by a common theme — an exploration of human relationships and individuality. Each piece of art plays with contrasts, symbolism, and colors to provoke contemplation on the complexity of human interactions and the influence of sociocultural factors on our individuality. These works invite us on a profound journey into the human experience and inspire reflection on our relationships, identity, and the search for authenticity in the modern world.

Modern artwork paint from Halina Lazarchuk - "Passions in Gray" for sale

And that’s not all! This is just a glimpse of the works in this series. Currently, the Hauteart team is preparing a grand showcase of these canvases. They have inspired us to create an extraordinary presentation, and very soon, we will reveal it to you!

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