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Michael Stamm in Los Angeles

16 JANUARY – 6 MARCH 2021

16 JANUARY – 6 MARCH 2021

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Michael Stamm in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Gallery Shulamit Nazaryan has presented a series of new works by New York artist Michael Stamm.

Paintings from the series “so super sorry sir!” strongly imbued with the personal experiences of the artist, his attitude to morality, sexuality and contemporary cultural politics. An unusual set of characters and elements symbolizes the emotional instability of the world around the author.

So super sorry sir!

The devil simultaneously tries on different roles: a conspiratorial-friend, an enemy, and sometimes is the archetypal embodiment of the author himself. He invites the viewer to define the concepts of “good” and “bad” and to clarify what is right and what is not.


The work of “ECT” shows us the fragmentation of the universe and the human essence, which is searching itself in this vast world.

Stamm ECT

All together, the paintings from this series attempt the relatable quest of searching for peace and clarity by reconciling conflicting dimensions of our life and identity.

In any case, everyone should look at the author’s work and make a decision for himself. No chance to miss this event!

Michael Stamm was raised in Evanston, Illinois. He received his BA from Wesleyan University and an MA in English Literature from Columbia University before earning an MFA from New York University in 2016.

The artist’s work has been the subject of exhibitions in New York at DC, London; Leipzig, and now in Los Angeles.